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Clay Matthews sees improvement in Jay Cutler’s play this year

Coming off of a week where Jay Cutler threw a pair of interceptions, including one late in the fourth quarter, it’s easy to forget how important he’s been this year. Cutler’s play has kept a mediocre Bears team in contention in every game he’s finished.

The improvement hasn’t gone unnoticed. Cutler’s opponent this week, and one of the Bears biggest annoyances, Clay Matthews has noticed a change in Cutler’s play.

It’s not exactly a rave review, but it speaks volumes considering the source. In the past, the Packers haven’t been afraid to not only criticize Cutler’s play, but depend on it for a win.

After a 2012 game against the Packers, then defensive back Charles Woodson said “It’s the same old Jay. We just need to be in position. Jay will throw us the ball.”

Throughout his career, Cutler has played some of his worst football against the Packers. He’s thrown more interceptions to Green Bay than any other team and has one of his worst quarterback ratings while going 1-11