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Cubs adding ‘at least’ 70 portable toilets to Wrigley Field

Cubs spokesman Julian Green told 670 The Score on Monday that Wrigley Field will have “at least” 70 portable units available to fans for Tuesday night’s game against the Cardinals.

The additional toilets, Green said, would give the stadium the same number as were in place at the end of the 2014 season.

“They will be placed in the upper deck as well as the main concourse so that we can alleviate some of that pinch down there,” Green told Laurence Holmes. “Having said that, once you get past Opening Day, April dates across the board, (attendance) will lighten up. We shouldn’t have the same problem. But it’s important to have a contingency plan in place. We just need to be prepared so if anything happens or we lose a couple restrooms we’ll be able to accommodate our guests.”

Cubs fans experienced waits of more than 30 minutes for bathrooms at Wrigley Field on Sunday night. Two bathrooms in the upper deck flooded, causing an overflow on the main concourse, which was already experiencing heavy wait times. Cubs fans resorted to urinating in cups or leaving the stadium.

The stadium was also short three bathrooms that were closed due to the ongoing renovation.

The Cubs sent a letter to season ticket holders apologizing for the debacle, Green said.

“The most important thing is it was unacceptable last night,” Green said. “I certainly want to apologize to all our fans and if any fans or season ticket holders are listening, we weren’t up to par. We missed the mark. We set a high standard for quality of service and we missed it.

“Our job is to anticipate and plan and have a plan in place so we can accommodate our customers. The plan we had in place simply didn’t work.”

Holmes asked Green if there was any plan to “make good” on the night for fans who were in attendance Sunday.

“Obviously, the first thing is to apologize,” Green said. “We got to step up our game. I don’t know of any plan, and I don’t know what that would look like. But we got a game tomorrow and another game Wednesday, and we got to make good for the fans coming into the ballpark. We’re already sending letters out to season ticket holders, and we’ll take it from there. We’re confident we can bring our level of service up to where it needs to be.”

Green said the bathrooms that are closed due to the renovation should be ready by late May, “but we’re working hard to accelerate that process.”

You can listen to the full interview here.