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Cubs fans still really hate A.J. Pierzynski

Jon Lester was cruising Saturday night against the Atlanta Braves. The Cubs pitcher, thanks in part to a stat correction, had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning.

Then A.J. Pierzynski happened…

The man who many Cubs fans would rate at or near the top of their most hated players in the game list broke up the no-hitter with a single into the outfield. If that weren’t enough to boil the blood of Cubs fans, the camera caught Pierzynski saying “not on my ******* watch” while standing on first base.

More than nine years ago Pierzynski first drew the ire of Cubs fans. Then with the White Sox, he was in the middle of the infamous brawl between the two teams when Cubs catcher Michael Barrett punched Pierzynski in the face. The fight has left a Cubs fans angry ever since, and many still haven’t forgiven Pierzynski.

Lester would be pulled a few batters after Pierzynski’s hit, but no harm was done. The Cubs got out of the eighth inning and went on to win 4-0.