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Cubs’ Joe Maddon to discuss his ‘field of dreams’ on NBC News Sunday

Cubs manager Joe Maddon will talk about more than just baseball on NBC News Sunday. He’ll sit down with NBC News correspondent Harry Smith to discuss his success and his hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Maddon speaks with Smith at Wrigley Field. | NBC News

Maddon recently returned to his hometown last month to open up a new playground.

He told the Times-Tribune in June that he had forgotten how “glorious the Pennsylvania summer is.”

During his visit, which NBC filmed for Sunday’s segment, Maddon opened up about how the former coal mining town struggled with discrimination and resentment when Hispanic immigrants began arriving nearly a decade ago.

Maddon and Smith talk during batting practice before a Cubs home game. | NBC News

Maddon has made it his duty to show his hometown that the new generation of residents will only make the Hazleton stronger and more prosperous.

“We believe in integration versus immigration,” Maddon’s wife, Jaye, said to the Times-Tribune after the two cut a ribbon to open the new playground.

Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon and his wife Jaye are all smiles as they see the new playground at the Hazleton One Community Center and the day care children waiting for it to open in Hazleton, Pa. | Ellen F. O’Connell/Associated Press

Maddon’s “field of dreams” actually has nothing to do with baseball, rather it’s encouraging acceptance among ethnic groups.

Maddon’s support of the immigrant community is making a difference on both sides of the racial divide, according to NBC. And Smith and Maddon will delve into how the community has learned to accept newcomers over the years.

The full interview will air during “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” which starts at 6 p.m.

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