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Cubs’ Jon Lester can finally buy his All-Star jersey: ‘Sorry I yelled’

Jon Lester's 2018 All-Star jersey is now available for purchase online. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s a happy day for Cubs left-hander Jon Lester as he can finally purchase his 2018 All-Star jersey online.

Why would he want to purchase one for $150 when he gets his own for free? Not sure.

But on Monday that’s what Lester — presumably joking — tried to do. The problem? Well, his 2018 All-Star jersey was nowhere to be found on the online shop.

So, Lester did what everyone does when they run into technical difficulties: Call out the company on Twitter.

“Hey there MLB,” Lester jokingly wrote in a tweet. “You guys mad at me? Did I get cut?”

A quick search Monday afternoon on MLBShop.com showed that Javy Baez was the only Cubs’ All-Star this season that had a jersey for fans to purchase. (Sorry, Willson Contreras. It looks like you were originally left out, too.)

Courtesy of MLBShops.com

But on Tuesday, MLB appeared to have fixed the problem. The jerseys of Lester and Contreras are now available online for purchase, which made Lester, the now five-time All-Star, very happy.

“Thank you, MLB,” Lester tweeted. “Sorry I yelled.”

“We got your back,” MLB responded with a first pump.