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Cubs NLDS win coincides with town’s tornado siren

It’s not just the city of Chicago that is excited about a Cubs playoff run, the entire state can barely contain its eagerness.

The small town of Rock Falls, Ill., about 150 miles outside of the Windy City, experienced quite the controversy after the Cubs’ NLDS win over the St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday night.

Approximately 7:00 in the evening, the town’s tornado sirens were activated — around the time Wrigleyville started going into a celebratory frenzy. Gossip started to spread around Rock Falls that the sirens were set off because of the Chicago Cubs win.

According to Mayor Bill Wescott, no one intended for the alarm to sound. “No. Absolutely not.” He clarified. “Did it happen right at the end of the game? Yes, it did, but that is the only coincidence.”

Wescott said one of the firefighters on duty went to get some tape, which sits above the deck where the siren button is. When the firefighter pulled the tape, the dispenser fell off the shelf, hit the scanner, and then hit the button to sound the alarm.

What do you think really happened?