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Cubs reunite ‘Veep’ castmates Jake Arrieta and Tommy Hunter

Moments before the MLB trade deadline the Cubs made a move to help their bullpen. In exchange for outfielder Junior Lake, the Cubs got relief pitcher Tommy Hunter.

The right-handed pitcher should help the team’s inconsistent bullpen, but there is something else the trade accomplishes. Bringing Hunter to the Cubs now reunites “Veep” castmates in Hunter and Jake Arrieta.

The two pitchers appeared in the first season of the HBO show in episode six, “Baseball” where the Vice President (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) meets the Baltimore Orioles. Hunter and Arrieta, both with the Orioles at the time, are the only two players that named on-air.

If nothing else this should be a good sign for the Cubs clubhouse morale. Best case scenario, newly re-elected president Selena Gomez makes a visit to Wrigley Field to connect with Arrieta and Hunter one more time in season six.