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Dear St. Louis: I was wrong about the Blues. Signed, You Know Who

Blues right wing Troy Brouwer celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal Monday against Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford in the third period of Game 7 of a first-round playoff series. (Chris Lee/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)

I’ve recently learned that St. Louis people don’t like me. Also, I did not realize how many words rhyme with “Rick.’’

That would be the best way to summarize all the emails and tweets I’ve received from Blues fans, who have been more than happy to point out that I was the idiot who all but guaranteed that the Blackhawks would win Game 7 of their first-round series with St. Louis. Actually, it was a full-figured guarantee, stuffed with suggestion after suggestion that the Blues would be powerless in the presence of the defending Stanley Cup champions. Especially given the Blues’ first-round playoff exits the previous three seasons. Especially after the Blues had coughed up a 3-1 series lead to the Hawks this time.

If I recall, I had asked readers how they liked their Blues cooked – well-done, charred, etc. That was probably over the top. I should have toned it down. Maybe “sauteed’’ and “braised’’ would have saved me some abuse.

As we all know, the Blues finally found a way to advance out of the first round: Send wave after wave of attackers after the Hawks, apply constant pressure and have a Brent Seabrook shot hit two posts while somehow staying out of the net. The Hawks were deep fried in a 3-2 loss and sent on their way.

I didn’t think there was anything particularly bold about the prediction. Everybody has seen the Hawks come back again and again to win playoff series. This one looked like it would be more of the same, even if it was on the road. The Hawks’ three Stanley Cups in six seasons vs. the Blues’ three first-round disappointments in three seasons. Hmmm, tough one.

I was wrong, which all my new friends in St. Louis have pointed out. “Bolshevik’’ rhymes with “Rick,’’ too. You missed that one.

The Blues are very good, something that was never in question. Their breathing during tense moments was. They overcame that Monday.

Well done, St. Louis. That’s a compliment, not instructions for the cook.

Cubs fans beware: I picked your team to win the World Series this season. Just like I did last season during the playoffs.