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Just about anyone in the NBA can dunk but given the opportunity for an uncontested slam, why not throw a little extra twist into it. That’s exactly what the Celtics’ Evan Turner did against the Bulls after stealing the ball from Derrick Rose in the second quarter.

Harmless, right?

Some might argue Turner was rubbing it in. He does have a history of it.

In 2007, Turner’s St. Joe’s team lost to Rose and Simeon 74-66 before almost 8,000 fans at Northwestern. The two went at it during AND after the game:

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I was better than [Rose],” said Turner, who had 29 points and 11 rebounds. “With me guarding him he didn’t do much. He knows that and I know that.”


Rose, who had 29 points, 7 assists and 4 steals, countered: “We both know who is better. He’s just doing this to get a little bit of publicity. We’ll see who does more on the next level.”

Clearly, Rose and Turner were putting forth a little extra effort against each other on Wednesday night. Turner finished with 13 points and 7 assists in 28 minutes. Rose had 12 points and 6 assists in 36 minutes and did get some redemption with a block on Turner.

The Celtics went on to defeat the Bulls 105-100.