Through Monday, Derrick Rose had played a total of 14 games this season for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yet, he will take home $11 million from Adidas at season’s end from one of the most lucrative endorsement deals ever struck by an athlete, according to Sports Illustrated.

When Rose signed the $185 million deal with the sneaker company in 2012, it called for the then-Bulls guard to receive an annual retainer of $12 million through 2017. According to the contract obtained by Sports Illustrated, Rose will make $11 million this season.

Other SI findings in the contract:

—Annual royalties of up to $6.25 million
—Annual appearance fees of up to $4.8 million
—Use of a private plane
—Derrick’s older brother, Reggie, is annually paid between $250,000 and $300,000 for consulting
—Derrick’s friend, Randall Hampton, is annually paid between $50,000 and $75,000 for consulting
—$150,000 is donated annually to an AAU basketball team of his choice

Rose, who made over $21 million last season with the Knicks, is playing for the NBA minimum ($2.1 million) with the Cavs this season.

The oft-injured player considered walking away from the game in December but decided to come back. Had Rose retired he reportedly could have left more than $80 million on the table with Adidas.

But Rose said the Adidas deal had no factor in his decision to keep playing.

“I don’t care about no f—— money,” Rose said. “I have saved up enough money. It’s not about that. If I wanted to leave, I would have left.”

Despite Rose’s fall in star-power since his knee injuries, SI says Adidas has lived up to its end on the contract, paying him in full.