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Don’t worry, Bulls fans, there’s almost no chance the Bulls break their 2-game points allowed total

After the Chicago Bulls game on Tuesday against the Hornets, it’s fair to have some big fears for their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. While things may get ugly, there is almost no chance they will break their record for the most points allowed in a two-game stretch.

That record is currently held by the 1982 team that allowed a combined total of 295 points. This means that after allowing Charlotte to score 130 on Tuesday, the Thunder would need to score a ridiculous 165 points to even tie the record.

The 1982 – 83 Bulls averaged the second most points allowed in the league that season. The two record-setting games came in the second and third games of the season in losses to the Washington Bullets and Detroit Pistons.

So far this season, Tuesday night’s performance by the Bulls was an aberration. Before that game the Bulls had just allowed an average of 95 points. The Thunder have averaged just over 114 points on the year.