Some sporting moments are unforgettable for fans and will live on long after the game is over.

For a few Philadelphia Eagles fans, they’ll always have a constant reminder of the amazing trick play their team ran in Super Bowl LII to help defeat the New England Patriots.

The play called “Philly Special,” which culminated with a Nick Foles TD grab, was actually gleaned from the Bears.

Longtime Eagles fan Dan Morgan told CBS Philly:

“I had to get something Eagles tattooed on me. I didn’t want to get the same thing that I imagine everyone else was getting, which was like the trophy or just the logo. So I saw a lot of people making t-shirts of the ‘Philly Special’ play design and I thought that would be really awesome to get one on me– so I did.”

Morgan wasn’t the only one to get the play drawn up on their arm. Check out the tat on Matthew Ranauro’s arm.