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Eagles fans are sending money to ‘Cody Parkey’ via Venmo after Bears’ loss

Cody Parkey reacts after missing a field goal attempt in the final moments of a 16-15 playoff loss to the Eagles. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In an attempt to thank Cody Parkey for missing the Bears’ potential game-winning field goal, Eagles fans are sending the kicker money through Venmo.

The only problem? It’s unclear which account — if any — is actually his.

Moments after Parkey hit two posts in the process of missing a 43-yard field goal that resulted in the Eagles’ 16-15 victory, Philadelphia fans started sending money through Venmo to an account with the name “Cody Parkey.”

The account is unverified, so it could belong to the 26-year-old whom the Bears signed to a four-year, $15 million contract (with $9 million guaranteed) last offseason — or it could also be someone who is very fortunate to share the same name as him.

Either way, several scammers decided to cash in on this opportunity.

Shortly after it became apparent Eagles fans were basically giving away money, dozens more “Cody Parkey” Venmo accounts surfaced, including one named “double-doink.”

To little surprise, people actually sent money to these random accounts.

While Eagles fans are in the giving mood, Bears fans are looking for payback.

Some who apparently lost money wagering on the Bears are requesting money from the Parkey accounts.

Courtesy of Twitter

Guess shooters gotta shot.