Tom Brady’s hype video is great and all, but did he get a celebrity superfan to narrate it? Nope. He just took an excerpt from a famous movie.

Eagles went above and beyond for their Super Bowl LII hype video recruiting superfan Bradley Cooper to narrate it, according to For the Win.

The Eagles first dropped their video Thursday to help fans get excited for Sunday, but watching the day of the Super Bowl is bound to send shivers down the spines of Eagles fans.

The theme is “one game.”

Here’s an excerpt of what Cooper said:

“This isn’t about moving the chains inch by inch. This is about moving an entire city to tears block by block. One game. For who? For the ones who line up next to us. The one who introduced this to us.

For what? To. Bring. It. Home.

This is so much more than one game. This is joy. This is pain. This is certifiably insane.

One game is all we got. One game is all we need.”


It’s the perfect video to help Philadelphia fans rally behind their squad as they hope the Eagles can deliver the city’s first Super Bowl win.

Watch Eagles’ video below:

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