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Ex-wife of Erik Kramer leaves heartfelt message on Facebook

Less than a week ago, former Bears quarterback Erik Kramer was found in a California motel room with a gunshot wound from an apparent suicide. According to the latest reports, Kramer, 50, remains hospitalized.

In a report soon after the attempted suicide, Kramer’s ex-wife, Marshawn, told NBC News:

“He is a very amazing man, a beautiful soul, but he has suffered depression since he was with the Bears. I can promise you he is not the same man I married.”

Marshawn and Erik had been together since high school, but the two got divorced “amicably” in 2010. A year later, their 18-year-old son, Griffen, died from a drug overdose.

The Kramers have another son, Dillon, who is 17.

Marshawn took to Facebook on Monday to lash back at negative comments made about her, and to talk about her relationship with Erik and his troubles with depression.

I have no agenda at this moment in time except to pray for My son here and my son in heaven and that there dad will recover better than ever so he may tell his own testimony and save lives. I have no plans at this moment except to focus on my son that has been through most people will go through in his lifetime all out of his control. I didn’t leave my husband after our son died.


Marshawn addressed Erik’s battle with depression:

“All of this is neither here nor there. Because it isn’t about me…it’s about Erik and his sons…my heart weeps for Erik because we didn’t know it was a brain injury.
And when players started taking their lives I was like hmmm… my boys have begged him to get tested he would become extremely angry.
Do you know anything about brain injury? Frontal lobe? Do you know the out jets of anger that come from it. Lady none of what you said is accurate I didn’t leave Erik ever that’s not how it rolled. Even though I’m not sharing details. Erik was the only real love of my life. And I truly believe I was his.
My family has saved him from this for years and years only for it to come back again.”

You can read the full Facebook post here.