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Expert Picks: Bears at Buccaneers in Week 16

The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for the Lovie Smith Bowl Part 2:


Buccaneers, 31-27: The Bears have given up 352 points this season, the Bucs 353. The Bears have lost three games in a row, the Bucs two. The Bears are 4-3 on the road, and the Bucs are 3-4 at home. They are the same team. So enjoy! Season: 6-8


Bears, 23-20: The Bears will do themselves a disservice if they win this game. Why? Not only would it be too little too late, it also would disturb the 2016 draft race to the bottom. However, that’s what they do. Season: 7-7


Buccaneers, 27-20: Similar to the Bears, the Bucs have fallen out of playoff contention after looking competitive a few weeks ago. With not much to play for, Lovie gets his revenge. Season: 5-9


Buccaneers, 27-23: Alshon Jeffery is a huge X-factor — if he’s healthy, Jay Cutler could have a big day. But injuries have exposed the Bears on both sides of the ball in recent weeks. Lovie Smith’s teams generally play well after his team is out of it in December. Season: 7-7


Bears, 23-20: Here I am, like a sucker, giving the rest of the Sun-Times panel a way to catch up. My hunch is the Bears have met their equal — another bad team that’s lost three of their last four. I just can’t believe John Fox’s team will roll over the way they did in Minnesota. Or maybe I’ve had too much eggnog. Season: 8-6