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Florida bass & black redhorse: Fishes of the Week

I’ve a soft spot for guys nominating their wives.

Bob Rice sent this photo of his wife Eileen, yes the famous kids’ fishing teacher, showing she knows how to catch fish too with one of her 4 1/2-pound largemouth bass caught April 2 on the Kissimmee Chain in Florida.

FOTW04-27-16redhorseI’ve a soft spot for guys nominating their daughters, especially with a fish this special, a black redhorse, caught in a free-flowing river an hour south.

Olaf Nelson, of moxostoma.com fame, tweeted last week, “Teach a kid to fish & she’ll kick your butt. Iris gets 1st #redhorse. I get skunked.’’

Aptly called, “Best day ever.’’

Click here for Nelson’s blog entry on his daughter’s catch.

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