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Gar Forman bobs and weaves on Joakim Noah free-agent talk

What else was Gar Forman supposed to say?

When the topic of free agent Joakim Noah and any possible return to the Bulls was brought up, it was classic general manager speak from Forman.

“I wouldn’t say so,’’ Forman said, when asked if acquiring big man Robin Lopez closed the book on Noah’s time with the Bulls. “It might change the dynamics some, you don’t know. Free agency doesn’t start until July 1, and I think everybody here knows how much we value Joakim and how much Joakim has brought to the table for this organization and this team.

“When July 1 hits we’ll sit down with Joakim and his representatives. Obviously he’s going to have options, we’re going to have options, and in order for something to work out it’s got to be a fit for both sides. That’s what we’ll talk about come July 1. And if it does work out for both sides, hopefully we’ll get something done. If it doesn’t, well obviously making this move helps us in this area getting a guy like Robin Lopez, who we’re really high on.’’

One major problem with that.

Sources continued to reiterate that Noah has no interest in returning to the Bulls, and that position definitely didn’t improve with the news that good friend Derrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks on Wednesday.

The Sun-Times first reported Noah’s stance last month, as the big man was telling teammates at the facility that he no longer trusted the direction the front office was taking the team.

So not only did the Bulls rid themselves of Rose with the five-player deal, but made sure that Noah’s center spot was filled, as well.

That means a front line of Taj Gibson, Lopez, Bobby Portis and Cristiano Felicio.

Portis and Felicio will be very interesting to watch this summer, as both have been making daily appearances at the Advocate Center for workouts.

Jimmy USA

On the same day that LeBron James pulled out of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Jimmy Butler found himself wearing the red, white and blue.

Not a bad week for the Bulls All-Star. He was handed the keys to the organization when Rose was traded, and then accepted an invitation to join Team USA in Rio de Janeiro come August.

Butler will be joined by the likes of Carmelo Anthony, DeAndre Jordan and Klay Thompson, according to ESPN.