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Google mistake refers to LaVar Ball as NBA founder

Google mistakenly refers to LaVar Ball as the founder of the NBA. (Getty Images)

It looks like fake news has found its way into the sports world.

If you happened to google “NBA founder” Tuesday morning, LaVar Ball and his smiling face appeared on your screen. That’s right, the incessant self-promoter and father of three basketball-playing sons was credited with forming the National Basketball Association, according to the search engine.

Though Ball sometimes acts as if he invented the game, he’s far from being the founder of the NBA. The NBA has no real founder, rather it was formed through a series of mergers by various professional leagues and teams in the late 1940s.

Ball recently announced that he is the founder of the Junior Basketball Association, a professional league for players who do not attend college.

Google released a humorous statement about the glitch: “Clearly we dropped the ball. We’re taking a timeout to huddle around the issue and expect to rebound soon.”