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Hroniss Grasu gets the rookie treatment following first career start

It may not have been the prettiest start to a career, but in his first start in the NFL, center Hroniss Grasu and the Bears found a way to win.

Following their win over Kansas City, most players got comfortable for their plane ride back to Chicago. Grasu, however, was still in a full suit. Kyle Long made sure of it.

That’s the Bears starting offensive line, in order: RT Kyle Long, RG Vladimir Ducasse, C Grasu, LG Matt Slauson, RT Charles Leno.

Grasu had his hands full all game long against the talented Chiefs offensive line. The Chiefs designed a number of pass rushes aimed at taking advantage of Grasu’s youth.

A first quarter Jay Cutler fumble for a touchdown was the result of a bull rush over the top of Grasu.
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However, with the help of Slauson, Grasu was able to steady throughout the remainder of the game. With Will Montgomery placed on injured reserve, Grasu will likely be the center going forward.

Also worth noting in that picture, Charles Leno is a fan of the socks with sandals look.