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A ‘horse’ showed up to White Sox’s dog promotion

This huge dog had a good view of the White Sox game.

Last year the White Sox set a Guinness World Record for the number of dogs at a sporting event. This year they might have broken the record for the largest dog in attendance.

As the TV cameras panned the crowd on Wednesday during the team’s “Dog Day” promotion, one canine stood out above all the rest — way above the rest.

Looking more like a shetland pony and taking up a three-seat area, the Clifford-like dog had announcers Jason Benetti and Steve Stone marveling.

Stone: “There is a gigantic hound.”

Benetti: “Oh, my goodness!”

Stone: “He probably has eaten a few of the smaller hounds before the proceedings tonight.”

Stone, proving why he’s one of the best color commentators in all of sports, showed his versatility and pointed out that the big dog is likely an Irish Wolfhound, “the largest of all dogs.”

Comparing the huge dog to most of the lap dogs in attendance, Benetti referred to the canine as a “table dog” and said, “you could eat Thanksgiving dinner off its back.”

But this tweet said it all.