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If Bears are trying to dull it down, it’s working

Bad is one thing. Bad and boring is another.

That’s what apparently looms for the Bears and, more to the point, for all of us who for reasons personal and professional feel the need to watch this team. Their 21-10 preseason loss to the Bengals on Saturday was remarkable for how unremarkable it was. It’s difficult to point to one thing to feel good about, aside from a rookie named Ify Umodu blocking a fourth-quarter punt and returning it for a touchdown.

I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but I do long to see Ify listed as questionable on an injury report.

The bad wasn’t all that bad Saturday night, but there was a mind-numbing nothingness that suggests we’re in for a lot more of it this season. The starting offense hasn’t scored a touchdown in three preseason games. The offensive line had breakdowns, and until that gets fixed, Jay Cutler’s life is in danger. The defense isn’t good, and Shea McClellin is having trouble in coverage, the way a fish would have trouble as a rodeo clown. Oh, and more players got injured, adding to the preseason-long theme of injuries in bulk.

You don’t want to be reactionary in regard to games that don’t matter. Too many teams have gone 4-0 in the preseason and stunk up the regular season; likewise, too many teams have struggled in exhibition games and gone on to the playoffs. Alshon Jeffery eventually will come back from a calf injury (he will, won’t he?) to give Cutler a big-time target. Eddie Royal will heal. We’ll see an actual offense at some point, led by Matt Forte.

But this team has done nothing so far to make anyone believe there’s a corner in sight to be turned.

It’s not asking too much to see a flash of something. So far, all we’ve witnessed is a wet match.