As former Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg accepts the Bulls coaching job, actor/comedian Scott Siepker, known as the Iowa Nice Guy, gives his two cents on the Bulls’ new coach.

“Hey Chicago, Fred Hoiberg is now the coach of your Chicago Bulls, don’t F*** this up, I’m talking directly to you, Derrick Rose’s knees.”

All of the advice Siepker gives Chicago is satirical.

Here’s the advice from Iowa Nice Guy:

“Chicago PD, please remove noise ordinance for Bulls players. Fred has had enough dealing with that.”

“Bulls players, please take first halves as seriously as second halves. Fred’s heart will thank you.”

“Chicago comedy scene, place a moratorium on Hoiberg awkward dancing jokes. Those jokes are as predictable as Jay Cutler throwing interceptions.”

Siepker also made jokes about Chicago fans already writing love letters to Hoiberg.

Here are some of those love letters to Fred Hoiberg:

“Dear Fred, I can’t wait to have you inside me, again. Love, the United Center.”

“Dear Fred, I love you so much, I would let you put ketchup on me. Love, the Chicago dog.”

“Dear Fred, I’ll stay conditioned for you. Love, Joakim Noah’s man bun.”

“Dear Fred, I’m already wet. Love, Lake Michigan.”

More than anyone in Iowa, the Iowa Nice Guy will miss the new Bulls coach the most.

“Hey Chicago, treat him well.”