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Jay Cutler hasn’t been the interception machine he once was

The Bears don’t appear to be what most would consider a “good” team, but that doesn’t mean it’s been a bad season. One of the biggest reasons why there is some optimism surrounding the team has been the improved play of Jay Cutler.

With the exception of the game and a half that Cutler missed due to injury, he has helped the team become, if nothing else, a true threat to defenses. While Cutler’s big play ability has always been there, what’s changed is his interception rate.

Cutler’s interception percentage is not only lower, when he does throw a pick he hasn’t made it worse.

Cutler has thrown multiple interceptions in at least five games in each of his previous seasons with the Bears. In every season but one he’s had one or more games with three interceptions, including a four interception game in 2010.

What’s even more interesting is Cutler’s passing frequency. On average, the Bears are throwing just as much this year as they have over the last two years. Cutler’s last interception came in the second quarter of the Bears game against the Chargers and was returned for a touchdown.

Cutler and the Bears will have their hands full against the Broncos secondary, which is the best overall and passing defense in the league. Denver has forced nine interceptions already this season, led by cornerback Aqib Talib with three.