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Jay Cutler throws highlight reel touchdown pass but controversial call hurts Bears

For much of Sunday’s game against Kansas City, the Bears offense seemed dead in the water. However, with the game on the line, Jay Cutler tried to will the team back into the game.

In the final five minutes of the fourth quarter with the Bears trailing by 11, Cutler lead the offense down the field. Needing two scores, Cutler took a chance on third down throwing towards Marquess Wilson in double coverage.

Cutler’s throw could not have been any better, in the perfect spot for Wilson to bring it down.

Looking to cut the game to a one-possession game, the Bears went for the two-point conversion. Cutler found Marc Mariani short of the goal line. Mariani lunged for the end zone but was knocked out of bounds.

The referees initially ruled Mariani out of bounds. Without a camera in the pylon, like the NFL had experimented with, there was no way to tell definitively if Mariani broke the plane.