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Joe Maddon is SUPERstitious

Don’t let the Cubs’ skipper fool you.

Joe Maddon is more than just “a little stitious,” as he told reporters over the weekend about not changing his camo socks during the team’s nine-game win streak. In fact, you could say he’s superstitious from head to toe this season.

Maddon explaining his beard to the Tampa Bay Times last week:

Shortly into the season, Maddon said someone told him that all coaches and managers who won championships in Chicago, at least somewhat recently, had mustaches — Mike Ditka with the Bears, Phil Jackson with the Bulls, Ozzie Guillen with the White Sox and Joel Quenneville with the Blackhawks (over the Lightning).

“So since facial hair is the key, I thought I would take it the next level,” Maddon said. “I’m trying. I’ve always been challenged. But I’m not giving up on it.”

A quick flip through his Twitter timeline with the Rays, turned up some of these other Maddon superstitions: