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2-Minute Drill: Joel Embiid’s dating game, let Zach LaVine go, what bong?

Catching you up on the lastest news, trending topics and meaningless minutiae we all love to talk about in less than 120 seconds.

A little advice for Willson Contreras … When will the Bulls unleash Zach LaVine? … A great read as to why Vic Fangio came back to the Bears … With the 8th pick of the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears takeMichael Phelps wanted to kill himself at the top of his career … Justin Timberlake is still talking about ‘Nipplegate’ … Did Joel Embiid just turn down Rihanna on a date? … When will the ‘Hoodie’ walk away? … How the Jags could defeat the Pats … Leonard Fournette totaled his Maybach …. People hated Joe Buck‘s dad, too … Man gets parking ticket for car made of snow … Author of “Alcoholics Guide to Adventure” arrested after making drunken 911 call.

More bad news for Dunn

About 25 more days until they report

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What bong?

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