John Fox proud of Bears’ arm links: ‘Love goes way further than hate’

John Fox said he’s been “very impressed and proud” with the way his players have linked arms the past three games during the national anthem.

“I think all of us are better off when we’re united in whatever we do regardless of what the issues are,” the Bears coach said Thursday. “I think when things gets divided, you know, both sides throw gas on it. I don’t think that helps anything. I think love goes way further than hate, at least in my experience.”

A league memo distributed to teams this week stated commissioner Roger Goodell’s preference that players stand for the anthem, rather than kneel. Asked whether players asked him to kneel, Fox was vague.

“We have conversations,” he said. “I don’t know that we really directed them one way or the other.”

John Fox is in his third season with the Bears. (AP)

The issue was further politicized before Game 3, when President Donald Trump first began bemoaning players for protesting during the anthem. The protests began last year, in opposition of racial and social inequality.

“I think we’re football coaches and football players and football staff people – I don’t think anyone is running for office anywhere,” Fox said. “We’re here to play football. I’d rather all of our focus be on that.”