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Jon Lester has figured out how to throw to first base

Jon Lester’s throwing woes to bases have been well documented. Whether it’s a pickoff attempt or an assist to a base, Lester struggles to connect with his intended target.

Odd considering that from 60 feet, six inches, Lester exhibits pinpoint control. That’s why the Cubs made him their highest-paid player at $155 million over six years, including an MLB-record $30 million signing bonus.

On Sunday when Lester fielded a one-hopper in the second inning, the ball got stuck in the webbing of his glove. The quick-thinking pitcher decided to toss the ball AND glove to the quicker-thinking first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who dropped his glove and fielded Lester’s for the out.

Almost as good as a fan catching a ball in their beer.