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Justin Timberlake reminds us days before the Super Bowl that he’s a Packers fan

Justin Timberlake answers questions during a news conference for the NFL Super Bowl 52 football game halftime show Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018, in Minneapolis. | Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Justin Timberlake reminded us of his true colors Thursday when a member of the media asked the singer who he was rooting for to win Super Bowl LII. A female reporter from Boston was egging Timberlake on to say that he was cheering for the Patriots.

“I have to go on tour in Philadelphia woman, what are you doing to me?” Timberlake joked.

The reporter continued to try to get him to say, “Patriots,” and admit that he was going to support his friend Tom Brady.

That’s when Timberlake, a longtime Green Bay fan, dropped the bomb.

“Go Pack, go,” Timberlake said into the microphone.

Yes, Timberlake is a cheesehead.

So, he won’t answer who he favors in the Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots, but he’ll turn his back on Bears fans? Timberlake does have a concert stop on his upcoming tour in Chicago, you know.

Timberlake, who is slated to perform the halftime show Sunday in Minneapolis, told the NFL Network in a recent interview how he became a cheesehead.

“At that time, Brett Favre was the king of the south,” Timberlake said. “Being where I was from when he went to Green Bay, that’s when a lot of us in our hometown shifted to be Packers fans.”

Ah well, it’s not like the Bears have given him a reason to jump ship and become a fan of the Packers’ rivals.