Kevin Hart had himself a night Sunday after the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 to win the city’s first Super Bowl title.

Hart, a Philadelphia native, made a joke of himself after the Eagles won. He got publically denied on live television from joining the Eagles on stage for the Lombardi Trophy presentation, and he dropped the f-bomb on NFL Network’s postgame show and admitted: “I’ve been drinking.”

The comedian issued a hilarious apology (if we can even call it that) and statement Monday morning for his drunken shenanigans.

Hart, who was clearly still tipsy, shared a video of himself on Instagram apologizing for his actions and then realizing he had nothing to apologize for.

“To all the kids out there, I just want to say don’t drink,” Hart started the video. “You know when alcohol is in your system you do dumb stuff.”

He admitted he that trying to touch the Lombardi Trophy and saying the f-bomb on live television were two of the “stupidest stuff” he’s ever done, but then he changed his tone.

“Who cares? The Eagles won the Super Bowl,” Hart said. “Yeah, I’m still a little tipsy. The world can kiss my a**.”

His video caption also had more than 30 hashtags including #IShouldHaveListenedToMyWife, #AtleastIDidntPunchAHorse, #IThrewUpThisMorning, #HelpMeBabyJesus, #WhereAreMySocks and #ITrippedAndFellOnTheFieldAndHeardAWomanSayAintThatKevinHart.

Watch the hilarious video below, but be aware he uses foul language:

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