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Watch Kris Bryant interview people in Austria about American baseball

Cubs third basement Kris Bryant and his wife, Jessica, finally made it to Europe to enjoy their honeymoon.

The newly weds’ European trip was first delayed because of the 2017 MLB season, and then it was delayed because the Bryants missed their flight by 30 seconds.

But alas, the couple finally made it to Europe and one of their first stops was Salzburg, Austria, where soccer and ice hockey are the two most popular sports.

Bryant hit the streets to test some of the locals’ American baseball knowledge, and he was pretty disappointed. Only one person said they’ve watched “part” of a baseball game, and not a single person recognized Bryant. There was one person who noted that he liked Kobe Bryant.

Kris Bryant also played catch with a local, but the man struggled to put his baseball glove on.

Watch Kris and Jessica try on the traditional clothing of Austria – Lederhosen for him and a dirndl for her. They also walked through the historic Old Town section of town and Kris interviewed random people on the street.

The couple have also made stops in Florence and Pisa, Italy, and have been keeping fans updated with adorable photos on social media.

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