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Kyle Long is listening to Justin Bieber and the Bears want specifics

The NFL is notorious for their efforts to know every little detail about their players. On Thursday night, the Bears official Twitter account took it to the next level. They want to know exactly what right tackle Kyle Long is listening to.

The fun started when Long admitted a very personal secret about himself. He was listening to one of Justin Bieber’s new songs.

With news like that, the Bears had to intervene. The very first question that needed to be asked was simple: Which song was the Pro Bowl offensive lineman listening to?

These are the important questions that need to be answered. About two hours after the question was first posed, Chicago seems to think Kyle Long is more a fan of “What Do You Mean?” Roughly two thirds of the 2,100 voters went in that direction.

Of course, maybe Long is just using Bieber as a way to warm up his pipes. Earlier in the day he admitted he would be taking his singing “talents” to Snapchat.

In case anyone is unsure of what they think Kyle Long was listening to, here are the two Bieber songs the Bears referenced.