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Kyle Schwarber quickly learning behind the plate

After two starts behind the plate, Cubs catcher Kyle Schwarber is steadily improving with every pitch.

Cubs manager Joe Madden said Schwarber is quickly absorbing all the information and isn’t getting caught up in the emotions.

“Outstanding, at the plate, behind the plate,” Maddon said. “A couple of times he went out to talk to the pitchers. You have to give him a lot of credit. He understands things quickly. He’s like a sponge — he absorbs things quickly and puts it into play.”

Since being called up on July 17 to replace injured Miguel Montero, Schwarber is hitting .400 with a double and two runs-scored, but the young catcher doesn’t need help with his hitting. Schwarber needs to improve his catching ability, and David Ross said he’s quickly learning by asking a lot of questions.

“He obviously is a very talented player,” Ross said. “He’s a good kid. He asks a lot of questions, and he’s real receptive. The word you hear tossed around is ‘sponge.’ He takes it all in. He’s got a lot of leadership qualities. He’s impressive for a young guy.”

The 22-year-old catcher made two errors in his two starts this season, but Maddon thinks once Schwarber gets over his nerves, he will be a consistent catcher.