Manny Machado trade rumors have been swirling around the MLB and Chicago has been at the epicenter.

Many believe the Cubs are the frontrunner to land Machado, although the White Sox expressed interest in him during the offseason.

It seems MASN announcer Gary Thorne also sees the Cubs as Machado’s next team.

In the fourth inning of Monday’s 3-2 win over the White Sox, Machado hit a bomb to left-field. It was his 15th home run this season, which put him in the company of Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez to lead the league.

Thorne called the homer for Monday’s broadcast. As the ball cleared the left-field fence, Thorne didn’t miss his chance to subtly drop a reference to the Cubs-Machado trade rumors.

“Way back, left field, Cubs want him more than ever,” Thorne said before continuing with his play call.

Thorne didn’t skip a beat.

Watch Machado’s home run and hear the call below: