MLB commissioner: Wrigley Field to host All-Star Game in ‘near future’

MIAMI — If the Cubs can’t get players to the All-Star Game, maybe they can get baseball to bring the Midsummer Classic to them.

The Cubs’ push for Wrigley Field’s first All-Star Game since 1990 was taken up by a fan from Chicago who asked commissioner Rob Manfred about it this week during an All-Star “town hall meeting.”

The commissioner suggested a renovated Wrigley could get an All-Star Game in 2020 or soon after and reiterated that during a Q-and-A session with the media Tuesday.

“The city of Chicago and a renovated Wrigley Field would be a great site for an All-Star Game,” said Manfred, who said he’s not ready to commit a date for the Cubs to host. “There will be an All-Star Game in Wrigley Field in the relatively near future.”

The Wrigley Field last hosted the MLB All-Star Game on July 10, 1990. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be any sooner than 2020, the next open year. Washington and Cleveland host the next two.

Selfie anyone?

Anyone who forgot the All-Star Game doesn’t count for home-field advantage in the World Series anymore got a sudden reminder in the sixth inning, when the Mariners’ Nelson Cruz strode to the plate, said something to umpire Joe West and then handed Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina his cellphone to take his picture with the umpire.

Molina snaps a pic of Cruz and West in the 6th.

“First I was a little confused. I didn’t really understand what he was asking me,” Molina said. “The second time he told me, I was like, ‘Sure.’ ”

Molina said it ranked as one of the two strangest moments of his season, along with a pitch that stuck to his chest protector in a game against the Cubs in April.

“It was definitely different,” Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper said. “It goes to show you how much fun we do have as players.”

Especially when it involves showman ump West.

“It’s good when you see Joe West smile,” Molina said.

Ross staying retired

For anybody still holding out hope that David Ross’ foray into post-retirement semipro ball is the first step in a comeback designed to help the Cubs down the stretch, let Grandpa Rossy dispel that notion in no uncertain terms.

“Honestly, I played catch with my son the other day, and it felt like my arm was going to fall off,” said Ross, who worked the All-Star Game as part of an ESPN crew. “There’s no chance of me making a comeback.”

Ross joked on Twitter about “big news” that he was coming out of retirement to play in the National Baseball Congress World Series with the Kansas Stars, a team of ex-big-leaguers that includes former teammates Tim Hudson and Chipper Jones.

It’s a one-time shot with old friends, he said.

The timing coincided roughly with the Cubs acknowledging they’ll consider trading for a catcher after they cut ties with veteran Miguel Montero.

“I don’t think anybody wants me,” Ross cracked. “I’m just hoping not to get injured.”

Bryce Harper wore these shoes in Tuesday’s game to honor Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, who was killed in a boating accident in September. Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez wrote Fernandez’s initials into the dirt on the mound when he entered the game to pitch in the third.

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