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Mother of Brian Urlacher’s son files $125M suit against him

Tyna Karageorge, the mother of Brian Urlacher’s 12-year-old son, has filed a lawsuit against the former Bears great claiming he and others conspired to “paint her as a murderer,” TMZ reports.

Urlacher and Karageorge, then known as Robertson, had a son, Kennedy, together in 2005. Robertson had custody of the son when she married Ryan Karageorge in 2016.

In December of 2016, Ryan Karageorge died from a gunshot wound after arguing with his wife.

In the days after Karageorge’s death, Urlacher won temporary custody of Kennedy.

Urlacher then stated:

“Given that a death by gunshot occurred during an argument in Tyna’s home, and is under investigation by the police and there is likely to be media reporting and coverage, the environment with Tyna is a serious endangerment to the child’s mental, moral or physical health, and if the child is required to return to Tyna’s care, it will significantly impair his emotional development.”

The medical examiner later determined the gunshot was self-inflicted.

In addition to attorneys, Tyna Karageorge has named the Chicago Tribune and one of its reporters as defendants in the suit.

Filed in Bridgeview, Illinois, the suit reportedly seeks $125 million.