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NBA All-Star Kevin Durant scores vintage tees at ‘Boneyard’ in West Town

Kevin Durant in front of Boneyard Chicago, a vintage sportswear shop at 917 N. Ashland Ave. | Photo courtesy of Griffin Gher/@griffin33

West Coast basketball star Kevin Durant stocked up on T-shirts on Thursday at a West Town vintage sportswear store, just a day after the Warrior’s forward helped to defeat the Bulls 119-112 in a home game.

“It was a pretty chill, humble experience. [Durant] was real personable with us and not weird like how some other famous people are. Good vibes,” said Anthony Jankun, co-owner of Boneyard Chicago.

A 6-foot-9 standout for the Golden State Warriors and a fan favorite who was just tapped to be in the NBA All-Stars 2018 Western Conference game, Durant goes by several nicknames, including The Durantula, KD, Slim Reaper, The Servant and Green Room.

On Boneyard’s Instagram, the shop posted, “Special thanks to KD aka The Durantula for stopping in!” along with a photo of a cold-looking Durant standing next to the store, his shoulders hunched and bundled up in a gray hoodie, hat, gloves and heavy leather motorcycle jacket, albeit unzipped.

Jankun, who owns Boneyard Chicago at 917 N. Ashland Ave., along with business partner Jacob Sachen, said Durant came in just before 4 p.m. and shopped for about half an hour.

“As soon as he walked in, he says, ‘Hey, I’m Kevin.’ He was with three other people, just friends of his. . . . We had an idea he would be in, someone earlier in the day said he could be by,” Jankun said.

Specializing in sportswear from the ’80s and ’90s as well as concert and rock T-shirts, Boneyard opened in August 2015.

Jankun said Durant bought a few vintage music T-shirts and some movie T-shirts as well some Supreme merchandise.

Supreme is a skate-wear brand out of New York City.

While Durant and his friends shopped in the Boneyard, a few young kids came in to shop as well, but Jankun said he does not think the kids knew who their fellow shopper was, at least at first.

Jankun said Durant is “A modern day goat,” or a “Greatest of All Time Player” and it was a visit he won’t soon forget.

“He’s one of the best,” Jankun said.

In addition to Durant, Jankun said Boneyard Chicago has attracted other well-known shoppers in recent months, including rappers Little Yachty, Smino and Chicago’s Rocky Fresh.