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NBA announcer says Russell Westbrook is ‘out of his cotton-picking mind’

A veteran broadcaster said Russell Westbrook was playing out of his "cotton-picking mind." | Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

Thunder star Russell Westbrook’s season-finale performance Wednesday night was overshadowed by what one veteran announcer said during the game.

Fox Sports Oklahoma play-by-play broadcaster Brian Davis used an old Southern phrase that has possible racial connotations when talking about Westbrook’s performance.

Davis, who has been calling Thunder broadcasts for eight seasons, said Westbrook was “out of his cotton-picking mind” after the seven-time All-Star hit a three.

You can watch the play and hear the commentary below:

The phrase “cotton-picking” is sometimes used in the context of being difficult or a nuisance.

Davis is now under fire for his comments with several people on Twitter criticizing his poor word choice.

Westbrook became the first NBA player to ever finish two seasons averaging a triple-double. He finished the season on a high note, scoring six points, while grabbing 20 rebounds and dishing 19 assists in the Thunder’s 137-123 win over the Grizzlies.