It’s August, and there really isn’t much going on in the NBA except for youth basketball camps.

But even during the offseason, the NBA craves some type of competition.

And that’s why a photoshopped cereal box sparked a Twitter war between NBA teams on Thursday.

The Cleveland Cavaliers tweeted out picture of “Cavaliers Special.”

With four grams of swag and only 20 calories, it seems like Cleveland’s rendition of Special Kay would be pretty good.

But the Atlanta Hawks would disagree and troll the Cavaliers with a cereal of their own.

The Bulls were late to join the party, but didn’t disappoint with “Honey Nut Felicios.”

And poor Denver couldn’t come up with a clever cereal pun; so the Nuggets went for a general basketball one.

But other than that, the rest were pretty great, too: