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O.J. Simpson fakes paparazzi video reacting to Las Vegas shooting: TMZ

O.J. Simpson leaving dinner at a Las Vegas country club. | Courtesy of TMZ.

O.J. Simpson was caught yet again staging a paparazzi run-in Wednesday night. This time he was reacting to the Las Vegas shooting, according to TMZ.

Simpson was having dinner at a Las Vegas country club Wednesday night when a TMZ photographer overhead him planning a TMZ-style video shoot, the outlet reports.

After dinner in the parking lot, Simpson offered up his “thoughts and prayers” while his friend recorded the message, according to TMZ.

In TMZ’s video, Simpson called the shooting “horrible” before the TMZ photographer started to ask Simpson how he was doing. Simpson ran to his car as his friend tried to block the TMZ photographer’s shot, according to the outlet.

The situation is was similar to Simpson’s paparazzi encounter at a Nevada gas station after he was released from jail on Monday.

Watch the video from TMZ below:

This isn’t the first time Simpson has faked a video for publicity.

Before leaving Los Angeles for Florida in 1997, Simpson’s then-agent posed as a snooping reporter and took a grainy video of the former NFL star removing the American flag from his Brentwood estate.  He pleaded with a paparazzi to leave him alone, but Wired reports the video was fake. Simpson allegedly filmed the video because he knew how much money he could get by selling the video and photos to tabloid magazines.

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