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Obama to honor Blackhawks Stanley Cup win at the White House on Feb. 18

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will honor Blackhawks for the team’s 2015 Stanley Cup win Feb. 18 at the White House – the third time Obama has welcomed Chicago’s winningest team during his presidency.

What I wrote about the Blackhawks 2013 White House visit: President Barack Obama honored the Chicago Blackhawks, the 2013 Stanley Cup winners, at the White House on Monday, lamenting that they are the only Chicago team to make it to the White House so far during his tenure–but at least the Hawks have dropped by twice.

“Now, since I took office, we’ve hosted a lot of championship teams — from Boston and New York; Pittsburgh and Miami. But since I’ve been President, only one team has brought a world championship to my hometown of Chicago. And now the Blackhawks have done it twice. Twice,” Obama said.

“Three years ago, the ‘Hawks won their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. And keep in mind, the Cubs have been waiting for 105 — — so 49 might have not seemed so bad. But luckily, the second Stanley Cup came just a little bit quicker.”