Less than two weeks after being released from a nine-year prison stay, O.J. Simpson has already done an autograph signing.

The signing took place in Las Vegas, where Simpson has been living since being released on Oct. 1,  TMZ reported. It’s unknown who conducted the singing.

Steiner Sports posted two new signed Buffalo Bills helmets in the “new arrivals” section of their website. One is selling for $400. The other, containing O.J.’s Hall of Fame year, is going for $450. Steiner Sports claims  that Simpson hand signed the helmets and the website deemed the autographs to be 100 percent authentic.

“Collectors collect, and O.J. Simpson is a part of sports history for his accomplishments on the field,” Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner told TMZ. “He’s a Heisman Trophy winner, 10,000-plus-yard rusher and a Hall of Famer. We are just trying to answer the demand of our customers looking to complete their collections.”

It’s not clear whether Simpson will get a cut for any of this profit. Any money the Hall of Famer earns is supposed to go to the families of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, following a wrongful death judgment decision ruled against him in 1997.

Simpson owes the families about $65 million, a Goldman family lawyer told The Associated Press when Simpson was released from prison.