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OJ Simpson dresses as creepy gynecologist for Halloween

OJ Simpson might’ve won the contest for creepiest Halloween costume on Wednesday night.

Simpson was spotted at the Blue Martini Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada, wearing a gynecologist costume, according to TMZ.

He wore a white coat over a white-collared shirt and blue tie. Simpson also had a plastic stethoscope wrapped around his neck.

But what really made the costume over-the-top raunchy was the name stitched on the coat.

OJ Simpson dressed up as a creepy gynecologist for Halloween. | Courtesy of TMZ

“Dr. Seymour Bush, MD” was sown on Simpson’s chest.

Many people at the bar didn’t seem to mind the costume. TMZ reported that fans lined up to get the former NFL star and ex-convict’s signature.

This Halloween for Simpson looked a lot different compared to what he did in 2017.

Last year, Simpson stayed home and greeted trick-or-treaters at his door in Las Vegas. He handed out candy, took selfies and signed autographs with the visitors.

Simpson’s costume was also less inappropriate. He wore a vintage-looking Buffalo Bills jersey and appeared to have dressed up as himself.