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There are betting odds on O.J. Simpson parole hearing

Oddsmakers have made O.J. Simpson a heavy favorite to receive his release from a Nevada prison during his parole hearing. (Getty Images)

If memory serves right, O.J. Simpson was 3-1 to get convicted for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman during the Trial of the Century in 1995. We all know how that turned out.

He’s about those same odds today to receive his release during a parole hearing at a Nevada prison after serving almost nine years for armed robbery.

Bovada sports book has Simpson at -300 to be set free and +200 to go back to prison. The odds have moved in Simpson’s favor since Bovada set the initial line at -200.

Oddshark writes: “Since his last fruitful visit with the board where Simpson was granted parole for most of the convictions, the now 70-year-old inmate has been a ‘model prisoner’ and there’s nothing to indicate that he isn’t fully rehabilitated and ready to rejoin civilization.”

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Sports Betting Experts has listed odds even more favorable for Simpson getting released. They have the Juice at -450 to be released from prison before Oct. 15.

Sports Betting Experts came up with other props related to Simpson’s possible release.

Will any of O.J.’s children greet him as he leaves prison?

Yes: -150
No: +130

Will O.J. Simpson speak to the media at the time of his release?

Yes: +250
No: -300

Where will O.J. Simpson live after his release from prison?

Florida: -200
California: +300
Nevada: +900
Buffalo, NY: +1500
Other: +350

Will the family of Nicole Brown and/or Ron Goldman release a statement upon O.J. Simpson’s release?

Yes: -250
No: +210

First live TV interview with O.J. Simpson?

Oprah Winfrey: +450
Stephen A. Smith: +550
Charlie Rose: +750
Robin Roberts: +750
Matt Lauer: +750
Adam Schefter: +1250
Jimmy Kimmel: +1250
Al Michaels and/or Cris Collinsworth: +1250
Ellen DeGeneres: +1500
Jimmy Fallon: +2500
Howard Stern: +3500
Bill Maher: +3500
Charles Barkley: +3500
John Oliver: +4500
Jemele Hill: +5000
Jon Stewart: +5000
Mike Francesa: +6000
Bill Simmons: +7500
Martha Stewart: +9000
Nancy Grace: +10000
Don Cherry: +15000
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir: +25000
None of the above: +1500

Will O.J. Simpson go back to prison for another crime before 1/31/18?

Yes: +500
No: -750

Will any of the living members of O.J. Simpson’s legal ‘dream team’ from his murder trial make a statement upon his release? (Alan Dershowitz, Robert Shapiro, Barry Scheck, F. Lee Bailey)

Yes: +450
No: -600

Will any member(s) of the Kardashian family make a statement upon O.J.’s release?

Yes: +600
No: -750

Will “Kato” Kaelin make a statement upon O.J.’s release?

Yes: +300
No: -450