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Your Turn poll: Whose playing career is better, Tom Brady’s or Michael Jordan’s?

Tom Brady is 100-some-odd years old (OK, 40). He has more Pro Bowls than most of us have teeth (well, 13, anyway). The Patriots star is a four-time Super Bowl MVP who, on Feb. 4 against the Eagles in Minneapolis, will fight like a deranged assassin for his sixth Super Bowl ring in eight tries. No need to deflate — sorry, inflate — those numbers. Just imagine if he were good-looking, too.

I had to throw it out there on Twitter: Better career, Brady or Michael Jordan?


I love you people — do I say it often enough? — but you’re seriously nuts. As that Twitter poll started taking shape, it was clear Brady might as well be Craig Ehlo in the minds of Chicago sports fans.

‘‘Jordan didn’t waltz to the conference finals each year while playing in a crap division,’’ @dantrez wrote. ‘‘He had to get through the Cavs, Pistons and Pacers, and that was just in his own division. Also, he left in his prime for two years. If he plays, Bulls win eight straight titles.’’

One, the AFC East would have been a different animal had the Pats not spent a decade and a half on the greatest run in NFL history. Two, I don’t buy for a minute that Jordan’s Bulls would’ve won eight in a row. Somewhere along the way, the dam would’ve broken from the physical toll of all those extra games. Steve Kerr confirmed as much when the Warriors last were in town to play the Bulls.

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