Who let the dogs out?

More than 1,000 dogs and puppies filed into Guaranteed Rate Field to attend the White Sox game against the Indians on Wednesday.

Before the game, dogs and their owners walked around the warning track on the field, showing off their White Sox-themed outfits and costumes.

All the dogs and their owners were kenneled into the seats behind left and right field, but everyone was welcomed to walk into the dog park to see some of the White Sox most dedicated fans.

What could make a ballpark full of dogs even better? It was also $1 hot dog night.

Watch out Joey Chestnut, one giant St. Bernard named Duncan was seen eating three hot dogs in the concourse.

Here are some of the dogs who attended the game:

Evee is an energetic Pomerania, who isn’t camera shy. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

Bandit is a Cockapoo, enjoying the game from the right outfield seats. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

Jax is a Coonhound, who was rooting and howling for the White Sox all night. | Madeline Kenney

Lucy, a black lab, and Dixie, an English bulldog-beagle mix, patiently wait for their owner to share a hot dog with them. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

In the 6th inning, Duncan, a St. Bernard planted himself on the concourse. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

Ringo Star, a Dalmatian, met up with his twin from another mother, Cali, a Great Dane. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

Rowdy, a Basset Hound, wore his favorite handkerchief to the ballpark. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

This dog took hot dog to a new meaning. | John O’Neill/Sun-Times

Fuzz is a Husky Australian Shephard. His owners said he was born a White Sox fan because of his colors. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times

Duncan also made sure he was hydrated. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times