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Q&A: OLB Leonard Floyd is ‘so friggin’ excited’ to join Bears

The Bears traded up from 11th to ninth in the first round to select Georgia outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. (AP)

New Bears outside linebacker Leonard Floyd wasn’t in Chicago for the NFL draft, but the former Georgia star did speak to the media on a conference call.

Here is what he said Thursday night, according to a transcript provided by the Bears:

On being picked by the Bears:

“I’m so friggin’ excited about being a Chicago Bear. I can’t wait to just get up there and get around these guys and get back to football.”

On where he watched the draft:

“I watched the draft in Atlanta at my auntie’s house. I had invited all my family.”

On what Bears fans are going to see from him as a player:

“They’re definitely going to see a lot of speed, a lot of explosion. They’re going to be able to tell that I love to win and I’ll do anything to win and I’m gonna play like that.”

On the Bears’ decision to trade up for him:

“That makes me think that the organization really believes in me and what I can bring to the table for the team. I’m going to come in with a major chip on my shoulder ready to prove myself to the Chicago organization.”

On how if knew the Bears were seriously interested in him:

“Oh yeah. I knew they were interested pretty much the whole draft process. They always showed me the most love of all the teams that I had been to.”

On the variety of ways Georgia featured him on defense:

“I’ve been multiple things in the scheme. I played outside. I played the inside. I lined up pretty much everywhere. I also did a lot of three-point stances so I’m pretty much comfortable doing pretty much anything in a 3-4 scheme.”

On which NFL player he models his game after:

“I want to emulate DeMarcus Ware. I want to be the spitting image of him. I want to dominate the league for a long time and sack quarterbacks.”

On his other talents besides rushing the passer:

“I’m pretty good in coverage. I covered a lot in college. I did a lot of covering of tight ends so I’m pretty comfortable covering. I don’t feel like that’s an area where I’m not comfortable in. I feel like I’ll be fine at the next level.”

On trying to add muscle to his frame:

“I definitely want to add more mass to my body. Other than that I just planned on getting coached up. I know Chicago [has] some of the best coaches in the league. I know they’re going to coach me up hard. I’m excited and I’m ready to learn.”

On what he needs to improve at the next level:

“I will probably say, I want to add more power into my pass rush moves, develop a great power move to go with my speed. I feel like that’s a big thing I need to learn and pick up in the league.”

On joining a veteran linebacking corps:

“My impressions are I’m just going to come in, knowing that I’m a rookie, I’m going to be quiet, listen to all the guys and what they have to say. Just learn from them and how they take it every day.”

On why he didn’t come to Chicago for the draft:

“I didn’t come because I pretty much felt like I wanted to be around my family. I didn’t want to go to Chicago because I feel like it would be better for me financially to stay rather than spend extra money trying take all the rest of my family to Chicago.”

On not benching at the combine or his Pro Day:

“No, sir, I didn’t bench at my Pro Day. I benched for some teams when they came to work me out privately.”