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Report: Lance Briggs cleared in car crash

The investigation into the crash involving Lance Briggs’ Porsche last month is closed and no tickets will be issued, according to TMZ Sports, who broke the story.

A car registered to the former Bears linebacker was found Jan. 20 after reportedly slamming into a bartending school on the Northwest Side.

Briggs denied being the driver of the car.

From TMZ Sports:

Cops looked into the crash and ultimately determined it was a “regular auto accident” — not a hit and run — and therefore a civil matter.
We spoke with Officer Sedezic who confirms the case is officially closed, the civil matter has been resolved — and no tickets will be issued.

Sources told TMZ that someone did take responsibility for the accident:

Sources with close knowledge of the case tell us … someone did come forward claiming to be the driver — an associate of Briggs — and that person settled the matter through his insurance company.

In 2007, Briggs was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after crashing his Lamborghini on the North Side of Chicago.