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The Rockets-Clippers locker room melee evoked some hilarious memes

The NBA went full-on WWE late Monday night.

If you woke up and saw injured Clippers point guard Austin Rivers trending, here’s why.

The Rockets and Chris Paul played his old team, the Clippers, and things got really chippy. Late in the game, Clippers forward Blake Griffin was ejected after jawing with Rockets forward Trevor Ariza.

Rivers, who was sitting on the Clippers’ bench, also began to bark at Ariza.

After the game ended, a 113-102 victory for the Clippers, Ariza and teammates James Harden and Gerald Green wanted to continue the discussion with Rivers in the Clippers locker room, according to several reports.

The bad blood could have carried over from the mud-slinging after Paul was traded away.

More reports surfaced Monday night that Paul led another group of Rockets to a “secret” backdoor entrance of the Clippers’ locker room.

The bizarre, behind-the-scenes confrontation brought out the best in the creative minds of social media storytellers.

Check out some of the hilarious memes:

Even Griffin himself got involved.